Frequently Asked Questions

Do you pay market value for homes?

We are an investment company looking to buy, rehab & resell your property for a profit; therefore we do not pay market value.

Do you buy listed properties ?

No. In our past experience, agents are not cooperative once they realize their commission is being substantially lowered, and they typically topedo the sale.

What about fees, commissions, closing cost?

We pay all standard closing cost, there are no fees, and there are no commissions. You are responsible for back taxes & liens, that’s it !

How Can I Get the Ball Rolling on This Process?

It is simple to get the ball rolling on selling your home to us for an all fast cash offer. All you have to do is fill out the Property Information Form that is on our website. The information that you supply us here, or by phone, will allow us us to understand your situation and your property, and also give us all that we need to understand why you are selling at this current time. As soon as we get this information, our team of property investors will take a look at it and contact you immediately. When we contact you the first time, we will ask to set up an appointment with you to view the home.

Could I Get Market Value for My Home with Your Cash Offer?

There are many, many things that we take into account when we put together a cash offer for one of our clients. Each home or property that we look at is different, and yours will likely be very different than every other property we have seen. Just a few of the many factors that we take into account include the home’s condition, the home’s age, and the costs that will be associated with rehabilitating the property to put back on the market. While our all cash offer will not be market value, it is a fast and simple solution for any homeowner who desires a “sure thing” in this tough LLC market.

When we talk about the fair market value of a property, we are often discussing the typical sale price that you could put up for your home and expect to get. In today’s market, the market value is not often something that people get, but rather something close to it. To show how working with us can actually be better than a traditional LLC deal where you might be able to get fair market value or a little less, consider this. If you list your property on the open market at $75,000, you might expect to get a minimum of 90% of that value, but getting that price could take several months. Let’s say it takes you six months to get that offer. On top of that six months, it could take you another month to actually close the deal. This means that you will have had to pay at least seven payments on your mortgage during this time. In addition to these payments, you will also likely need to pay another six percent or so in realtor commissions on top of three percent for closing costs. That means that in seven months time you could have sunk almost another $12,000 into your unwanted home or property.

Do I Need to Retain a Realtor or a Lawyer?

Unlike most LLC transactions, you do not need to hire a realtor or an attorney to work with us. While we do often work with LLC agents, this doesn’t mean that you have to hire one in order to receive one of our all fast cash offers.

What if I Don’t Like Your Cash Offer?

If you don’t like the cash offer we provide you for your home, we will consider counteroffers if you think that the first offer wasn’t fair. In certain instances, we may be able slightly raise our offer after receiving and considering the counter. If that still isn’t satisfactory, we do have several other solutions for you to choose from to help you sell your property on the open LLC market through our broker affiliates. We can go over these solutions with you extensively when you call us at 407-668-9815

What Types of Properties Will You Buy?

We purchase all different types of properties, including:

  • Single-Family Residences
  • Condos
  • Townhouses
  • Multi-Unit and Attached Houses
  • Apartments
  • Mobile Homes (in some cases)
  • Commercial Units
  • Vacant Land

Will I Pay Any Fees for Our Transaction?

No fees are charged to work with us or to sell your property to us. To begin, simply fill out the Property Information Form , or give us a call at 800-313-9050. Our team of property investors are waiting to hear from you.

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